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Kian Joo Group works closely with the customers who have own forming machinery and supplies components of top and bottom end for their own assembly processes.

Kian Joo Group always provides technical support either local and abroad customers which to make sure our components are match and meet customers’ specification to produce high quality of metal packaging to pack foods, edible oils, chemical or paint and other product ranges.

Category Product
Dry Food
Ring-Cover-Diafilm (RCD, POE, End -401D, 502D, 603D, 708D, 715D
Paint / Chemical / Ink
Cover, Ring, End (refer can size in individual category)
Processed Food
Lid sizes: 200D, 202D, 209D, 211D, 214D, 300D, 307D, 401D, 603D

Kian Joo Group is supplying components in loose either to local or abroad customers.